Fanon and (Digital) Self-Determination

Lizzie O’Shea Fanon was committed to the idea of self-determination. How can his thinking influence our fight for digital self-determination? An excerpt from Future Histories by Lizzie O’Shea. Future Histories: What Ada Lovelace, Tom Paine, and the Paris Commune Can Teach Us about Digital Technology  Fanon wrote about seeing himself, a black man, in a world…

Che and Cuban Solidarity in Africa

Tortilla Con Sal CollectiveThe most original and radical thing about the Cuban revolution has been its unconditional human and revolutionary solidarity. In the field of international relations, it was the international recognition of that commitment that frustrated the attempts of the United States and its allies to isolate Cuba from the rest of the world….

Guevara in the Reflections of Anastás Mikoyán

Ernesto Che Guevera with Anastás Mikoyán, first vice-president of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Excerpt from the book “Anatomy of the Caribbean Crisis” by Sergo Mikoyán, Chapter XIV, “Che Guevara”. Fragments of an interview with journalist I.R. Grigulievich granted by Anastás Mikoyán, a few months before his death. You were able to meet…

“Who’s Land?” The Trials and Tribulations of Territorial Acknowledgement

Rowland “Ena͞emaehkiw” Keshena Robinson During the autumn of 2016, in October, my sister and I, both of us Indigenous Ph.D. students in philosophy and sociology respectively, attended a conference held at St. Paul’s University College, an affiliate of the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, entitled Decolonizing Education/Integrating Knowledges. The summit was part of a broader…

African Liberation Day 2019

A-APRP member, Mark Fancher delivers keynote message at African Liberation Day 2019 in Chicago Kim Joof of the Pan-African Revolutionary Socialist Party (PRSP) speaks at African Liberation Day – African Women on the Frontline A panel featuring Adeyemi Joashan, Diallo Kenyatta and Kwabena Rasuli discussing Africa’s mineral wealth at African Liberation Day 2019 in Chicago….