Over 130,000 People Sign Petition to Charge U.S. Government with Genocide—They Erased it!

Matsemela Odom, President, International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) Photo from the Africans Charge Genocide Winter Encampment Tour in 2016, which followed the United Nations throughout the U.S to charge the U.S. for genocide against African people On the morning of September 6, 2022, a member of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) New York branch…

When Race Burns Class: Settlers Revisited (An Interview with J. Sakai)

Kersplebedeb, October 28, 2000 EC: Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat is a book which had a major impact on many North American anti-imperialists. How did this book come about, and what was so new about its way of looking at things? JS: Settlers  completely came about by accident, not design. And what was so…


COINTELPRO COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) (1956–present) is a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations.

Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior

Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior Yurugu removes the mask from the European facade and thereby reveals the inner workings of global white supremacy: A system which functions to guarantee the control of Europe and her descendants over the majority of the world’s peoples.  

Black Women Against White Supremacist Empire

Black women played a central role in the fight against European colonization, said Annette Joseph Gabriel, professor of French and Francophone Studies at the University of Michigan and author of the book, “Reimagining Liberation: How Black Women Transformed Citizenship in the French Empire.” Joseph-Gabriel examines the lives and struggles of seven women activists who “understood…