All-African People’s Revolutionary Party: African Liberation Day 2022 – Fighting Neo-Colonialism in Africa

African Liberation Day 2022 – Fighting Neo-Colonialism in AfricaAJOPAR collective commemorating ALD in Guinea-Bissau

Thank you for commemorating African Liberation Day 2022. You are part of an annual, global demonstration of commitment to the liberation of the African continent from the clutches of African puppet leaders, imperialist governments, large multinational corporations, and foreign militaries. This is important because when Africa’s oil, valuable minerals and other natural resources are no longer controlled by these exploiters, Africans born in Africa, and Africans born elsewhere will be empowered to obtain justice and prosperity, as well as exercise true independence and self-determination. This year, African Liberation Day takes dead aim at neo-colonialism.

Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, explained that neo-colonialism is present in a country when it is “in theory, independent and has all the outward trappings of international sovereignty [but] in reality its economic system and thus its political policy is directed from outside.”

Neo-colonialism took hold in Africa because in the wake of victories over European colonizers, many African countries fell under the control of Africans and African regimes that were committed to enriching themselves with their countries’ wealth while allowing foreign forces to engage in wanton plunder. This year, the call by all who participate in African Liberation Day is for Africans around the world to join in the effort to dismantle neo-colonialism.

The destructive impact of neo-colonialism is evident from its role in the militarization of the African continent. Africa’s people have never been content with neo-colonialism and imperialist exploitation. Africans’ resistance has taken many forms, but it has been constant in its intensity.

To suppress this resistance, imperialist forces have made special efforts to ensure that military troops are ever on standby throughout Africa for the purpose of physically defeating Africans who attempt to assert righteous control of Africa’s resources.
AZAPO – PAC – A-APRP at ALD commemoration in Azania/South Africa 21 May 2022

The United States created U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) for the purpose of having U.S. troops train and direct the armies of African countries in missions designed to advance U.S. exploitative aims. When AFRICOM was established in 2007, most African governments – even neo-colonial ones – recognized immediately AFRICOM’s true neo-colonial purpose. To their credit they refused to allow AFRICOM to establish its headquarters on African soil. Many also declined to host AFRICOM operations. AFRICOM was forced to locate its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

However, with the passage of time, neo-colonial governments fell into line, and currently in almost every corner of Africa, AFRICOM has established a presence. Although its headquarters remains in Germany, in 2021, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari made the unconscionable request that AFRICOM relocate its headquarters to Africa. Such conduct is intolerable and is perhaps one of the best examples of why neo-colonialism must be dismantled.

Neo-colonialism poses special challenges for those who fight for African liberation. Unlike apartheid and other forms of European settler-colonialism where the racial characteristics of the oppressors make them easy to identify, neo-colonialism places local control of African countries in the hands of Africans. Though they are mere puppets, they often participate in the deception ofntheir people by playing up their cultural orientation and using nationalist rhetoric. In variousnways they communicate a supposed commitment to Africa’s progress, with many even claiming to be Pan-Africanists. However, these individuals frequently fail the litmus test when they are challenged to adopt an agenda that will limit or eliminate their puppet-masters’ access to Africa’s wealth.

As a first step toward dismantling neo-colonialism, Africans must learn to see through the charade. If they understand that supposedly independent African countries may not be independent at all, they are then able to take further steps toward changing Africa’s neo-colonial reality. It is in this regard that African Liberation Day plays such a vital role. It provides an opportunity to share information with Africa’s people everywhere about the ways in which Africa continues to be bound and exploited by the same forces that dominated the continent during the colonial era.

Thank you again for participating in African Liberation Day, but why not make every day African Liberation Day? If you use this special day as an opportunity to join the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP), you will have the opportunity to work with like-minded Africans whose efforts to achieve Africa’s liberation are focused and systematic. The A-APRP is committed to achieving Pan-Africanism, which is, as the Party defines it: “the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism.” Be sure to read elsewhere in this publication about why Pan-Africanism makes good sense for those who have a serious and sincere interest in a truly liberated Africa

Join the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party for a webinar organized for African Liberation Day 2022. This year’s theme: Preparing for a Leap Forward to World-Wide Pan-African Unity: Neo-Colonialism Must be Dismantled!

Tuesday May 24th Program:

Panel 1: The Pan-Africanist Movement and The Fight Against Neo-Colonialism

Panel 2: Pan-Africanism And The World Socialist Movement

Panel 3: The Role of Women Fighting For Unity And Against Neo-Colonialism

Then on Wednesday May 25, 2022 continue the analysis and strategic discussion with our sister party the PAIGC in Guinea-Bissau.

African Liberation Day (ALD) is a permanent mass institution in the world-wide Pan-African movement. As an institution, it is stronger today because the masses of African people are stronger and ALD is their day. As a day of work in the area of political education and organization, it reflects the fact that we have not obtained our freedom, and thus it is a day to reaffirm our commitment to Pan-Africanism, the total liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism. At ALD we also deepen our understanding of other just struggles and affirm our role in the world socialist revolution.

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