Twenty left publishers from around the world release a joint edition including two essential texts by Che Guevara on the fifty-third anniversary of his assassination by the CIA in Bolivia. These texts, with insight from Aijaz Ahmad and María del Carmen Ariet García, provide us with a clear and resolute summation of Che’s spirit of conviction, scientific insights, human compassion, and unrelenting will to achieve the victory of the oppressed over the oppressors.

Helen Yaffe, the author of the book, Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution, and Vijay Prashad of Tricontinental: Institute for Social research discuss Che’s role in building institutions in Cuba following the revolution. She looks at how he grappled with the question of building a new consciousness and changing the way people think. She talks about the innumerable experiments Che and his comrades undertook in the process of developing a model that liberated people from capitalism.

Marxist intellectual Aijaz Ahmad talks to Vijay Prashad of Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research about Che Guevara, the iconic revolutionary. He talks about his internationalism and his role as an emissary of the revolution across the world. Professor Ahmad also reflects on Che’s idea of what a revolution does, and his pursuit of a society which overcomes the distortions capitalism introduces to human nature.

Vijay Prashad talks to Tings Chak, lead designer of Tricontinental: Institute of Social Research, on the iconography of Che Guevara. On October 9, 2020, the anniversary of Che Guevara’s assassination, nearly 20 publishers across the world are releasing a free e-book with two of Che’s iconic works, Socialism and Man in Cuba (1965) and Message to the Tricontinental (1967). Tings, who designed this book’s cover, talks about the process of portraying Che today.